E.S.P Neem Coir Organic pesticide

Neem - labelled the wonder tree of the humid tropics! Neem coir is made from RENEWABLE coconut husk and powdered Neem seed cake, produced from the neem tree. Indigenous to India where there are more than 20 million trees for centurarys parts of the neem tree have been used for traditional and modern medicines due to its antimicrobial properties and as a natural and organic pesticide

Neem insecticides are active against more than 200 different types of insects, lice, fleas, locusts and mosquitoes. E.S.P. Neem Coir is harnessed with 100% Neem Powder to eliminate unwanted soil pests nematodes and the larvae of insect pests dwelling in the soil.

Our E.S.P. Neem Coir acts as an insect growth regulator which blocks & kills at larval to larval, larval to pupal, nymph to nymph molts which ELIMINATES the use of harmful Chemical Pesticides.